Hey there!  I'm Zoe, a young and aspiring graduate who doesn't feel like putting down her camera just yet.  My interest in photography started in my teenage years, when I had access to a tiny little digital compact camera and a modern film SLR.  Hand in hand with photography, I was very interested in art, so most of my pocket money and later, earnings from part time jobs went solely on more supplies and film.  I decided to do the sensible thing and study Spanish and Japanese at University, and soon found that I didn't have time or space to paint, so photography ended up taking over.  Throughout Uni, I was forever taking photos and documenting everything that was going on around me.  I remember using as many manual options on my compact camera as I could from the word go, so I had more control over the final result, and was delighted to obtain a DSLR shortly before the year abroad aspect of my Uni course, and experiment further.

Out of the blue, upon my return to the UK after a year living in Osaka, Japan, I found that I was being asked to photograph events.  Instead of being the person in the crowd at the music gig, wishing I was on the stage taking photos, I've had the chance to be that person.  In the past year, I've covered live gigs, music festivals, school and uni proms, sporting events, club nights and weddings!  Now I've graduated, I hope to concentrate on my images, and experiment more than I was able to when half my time was spent with my head stuck in dictionaries.

I am: winner of the University of Birmingham Photosoc autumn photo competition 2009
        winner of the University of Birmingham Photosoc winter photo competition 2011/2012
        winner of the University of Birmingham Year Abroad and Exchanges office Year Abroad Photo Award 2010-2011 
        a member of the winning team of the National University Photographic Societies' annual photohunt 2011
        winner of the University of Birmingham Redbrick Newspaper Photo of the Year Award 2012 

I currently shoot live music gigs on behalf of More Than The Music, www.morethanthemusic.co.uk
I also shoot at weddings quite frequently as a an assistant to Thom Walker, www.thomwalker.co.uk
I'm the video editor (And cameraman) for Sofar Sounds Birmingham. www.sofarsounds.com

Other clients include: UCLA clothing, Primary Care Research Design service (Affiliated with the NHS), Oxfam, The University Of Birmingham, Ragtime Records, amongst others.

I'd be very interested in shooting for your event, product, wedding, you name it!  I can travel quite easily to get to you.  If you're interested in hiring me, please drop me an email and we can discuss dates, pricing, and what sort of images you were looking for!  If you were interested in buying any of my work, as a print or in any other capacity, by all means let me know.  My email is zoeposnette@googlemail.com

Besides taking photos, I still draw every once in a while, attend music gigs impulsively and as often as I can, enjoy walking up hills and climbing when I'm able.

All my images are copyrighted.  You may not use them, for any means, without asking me first.  I'll usually be more than happy to let you use them, but I would highly appreciate being told about it, first. 

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Zoe Posnette
Gloucestershire based photographer and artist

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